How to convert XSplit flv files to mp4

Recently I have been recording some of my gaming sessions (specially DayZ), livestreaming them through using XSplit. I wanted to edit some videos in Premiere, but found out that the FLV files that are created locally use a strange audio codec, making it impossible to edit them in Premiere, Sony Vegas or any other NLE I know of.

The next step for my was trying to figure out how to convert them. I tried using different converters I found on the net, but always ended up with audio problems, wether it was sync issues or jitter…Until I found XMedia Recode. This software, which is totally free, will convert your XSplit FLV files to H264, allowing you to later edit them wherever you want.

Once installed, all you have to do is:

click Open File
select your FLV
then in Format tab pick H.264
in video tab select your preferred settings.
Finally click on the green + sign and on Encode.

You will have a hassle-free MP4 file to work with.