My name is Arturo Bracero; I have a degree in Media Studies by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, as well as the Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2+ equivalent) provided by University of Cambridge. I currently work as a video director for MeriStation, a Spanish online video game magazine, owned by PRISA media conglomerate. I’m also a video producer and editor based in Madrid. I specialize in event coverage, news gathering and live streaming production, doing also freelance work for commercials; My area of expertise revolves around filming video game events all around the world, interviewing developers and personalities and delivering on time high production value content.

With the rise of live streaming, I have also been working on live streaming production, broadcasting international events such as E3 (2012-2014) and VGX Awards, working closely with developers like 2K Marin to integrate real-time interview and gameplay from their office in the US to our studio in Spain. One of our most popular live TV Formats is the “Encuentro Digital”, which is an online live gathering with developers; readers get the opportunity to do Q&A in real time and get answers directly from video game creators. Companies like Blizzard, Sucker Punch, Irrational Games, 343 Industries and many more have participated, receiving great feedback from developers and readers. Having delivered more than one hundred broadcasts, I am now working on the development of a CG solution based on CasparCG to further integrate social media and user feedback in our live streams.

I greatly enjoy the adrenaline rush of live production; I also appreciate creative projects, where I design animation and develop the clients’ ideas to create an aesthetically pleasing composition. I delight in working in After Effects and Cinema 4D, building production-ready lower thirds and motion graphics for advertising and visualization for events.

Outside the world of visuals, 3D space and hectic production; my other interests are web development, aerial photography/videography, and competitive video games. I have created and managed a successful e-commerce website dedicated to software reselling and support. I believe in having an entrepreneurial mindset and staying focused since my profession requires both abilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email using the contact form at the top of this page or simply at

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